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MLB Power Rankings, September 19

September 19, 2013 2,188 Comments »
MLB Power Rankings, September 19

The regular season might be coming to a close, but it’s nowhere near over, if you know what I mean. It’s getting to be over for a few individual teams in these power rankings, however.

The following are the Major League Baseball power rankings for Thursday, September 19, 2013.

MLB Power Rankings, September 19: The Top Ten

Rk Team Prev Record Comments
1 Boston Red Sox 1 92-61 John Farrell will most likely be AL Manager of the Year.
2 Atlanta Braves 2 90-62 Their once-massive lead is down to nine games, but with just ten games left they can clinch tonight.
3 Oakland Athletics 4 89-63 San Francisco last year, Oakland this year? It could happen.
4 St. Louis Cardinals 6 89-63 The Cards have retaken a slight division edge, but can they hold it this time?
5 Los Angeles Dodgers 3 87-65 Been a little bumpy for Dodger Blue lately but their clinching is imminent.
6 Detroit Tigers 7 88-64 Get Max Scherzer that 20th win already.
7 Pittsburgh Pirates 5 87-65 Now’s not the time to go wobbly, Buccos.
8 Cincinnati Reds 8 87-66 …because the Reds are right on your collective tail.
9 Tampa Bay Rays 10 83-68 The Rays have stabilized things a bit but are far from safe.
10 Texas Rangers 9 82-69 Texas went from a sure thing to in serious danger in a short period.

MLB Power Rankings, September 19: The Mediocre Middle

Rk Team Prev Record Comments
11 Cleveland Indians 12 82-70 Cleveland’s schedule gets very easy the rest of the way.
12 Washington Nationals 13 81-71 Too little too late, but the Nats have shown some pride.
13 Baltimore Orioles 15 81-70 The Birds are doing to the Sox what the Yankees couldn’t: beat them to stay alive.
14 Kansas City Royals 14 80-72 Kansas City sports are exciting again.
15 New York Yankees 11 80-72 The Yanks have had many chances to straighten out and they just can’t.
16 Arizona Diamondbacks 16 77-74 At this point all they can do is delay the Dodgers’ clinching.
17 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 17 74-78 The Angels are one of baseball’s hottest teams lately. Too bad they were awful the rest of the time.
18 San Diego Padres 21 71-80 So, how ’bout those Chargers?
19 San Francisco Giants 22 70-82 Runs do not come easily for the soon-to-be former defending champs.
20 Philadelphia Phillies 18 71-81 The good news is that it’s Eagles season and everybody has moved on.

MLB Power Rankings, September 19: Oh, The Pain

Rk Team Prev Record Comments
21 Toronto Blue Jays 19 69-82 Their uniforms are a nice shade of blue. So, there’s that.
22 Milwaukee Brewers 23 68-83 Milwaukee fans this year have needed much brew to drown their sorrows.
23 New York Mets 24 68-83 Meanwhile, the Mets are used to September woes.
24 Colorado Rockies 20 69-84 The Rox own one of the league’s worst road records at 27-51.
25 Minnesota Twins 27 65-86 They can’t hit or pitch. A deadly combination.
26 Seattle Mariners 25 67-85 Not surprisingly, neither can the M’s.
27 Chicago Cubs 26 63-89 Only the Astros have a worse home record. “Friendly confines” my ass.
28 Chicago White Sox 28 60-92 The Pale Hose are staring at about a 20-game drop from last season.
29 Miami Marlins 29 56-96 There are JuCo baseball teams with better offenses.
30 Houston Astros 30 51-101 At least their Pythagorean win-loss is slightly better.

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