College Football: Alabama #1 in 2013 AP Preseason Poll

August 17, 2013 8 Comments »
College Football: Alabama #1 in 2013 AP Preseason Poll

The defending national champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, are ranked #1 at the start of the 2013 college football season.

They are hardly undeserving recipients of this quasi-honor by the Associated Press; winning the title in back-to-back seasons will do that.

Behind the Tide at #2 are the Ohio State Buckeyes, who went undefeated last season but were bowl-banned. The Oregon Ducks, sans Chip Kelly, are #3, the Stanford Cardinal start the season at #4, and the Georgia Bulldogs round out the top five.

The rest of the preseason AP poll:

#6: South Carolina Gamecocks
#7: Texas A&M Aggies
#8: Clemson Tigers
#9: Louisville Cardinals
#10: Florida Gators
#11: Florida State Seminoles
#12: LSU Tigers
#13: Oklahoma State Cowboys
#14: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
#15: Texas Longhorns
#16: Oklahoma Sooners
#17: Michigan Wolverines
#18: Nebraska Cornhuskers
#19: Boise State Broncos
#20: TCU Horned Frogs
#21: UCLA Bruins
#22: Northwestern Wildcats
#23: Wisconsin Badgers
#24: USC Trojans
#25: Oregon State Beavers

The first five teams out were, in order, Michigan State, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Arizona State.

I’ve already seen a number of articles today analyzing the rankings and any number of fans complaining about where their team is ranked based off of things that happened last year. Here’s a clue for you: it’s a preseason poll. Arkansas started last year ranked in the top ten and look how that turned out. Notre Dame was unranked. Texas was 15th. USC was #1 in the AP.

If there were a preseason national championship tournament or something like that, maybe I’d understand the gripes, but the first few polls of the season are essentially meaningless unless you’re trying to woo a few fickle recruits in September. The 25 teams listed above are merely starting the season with the expectation that they’ll do well, and count on some of them failing. It happens every year.

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