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NFL Picks: Super Bowl XLVII

February 1, 2013 8 Comments »


One team we thought would be here; one team we didn’t.

So far, during this postseason run for the San Francisco 49ers, PUP has picked them twice and they’ve won twice. As for the Baltimore Ravens, we picked them just once in the Wild Card round, but then they found their way to upsets in Denver and Baltimore.

Now, they meet in a Super Bowl of brotherly love.

The media got its “compelling” storylines from this Super Bowl alright: the Harbaugh brothers coaching against one another, Ray Lewis’s last game either way, and even throw in Joe Flacco’s commentary on Super Bowl XLVIII, Bernard Pollard’s belief that the NFL won’t exist in 30 years, and Chris Culliver’s insensitive remarks. Those on the Super Bowl and NFL beat have had an endless fountain of things about which to write. I’m not concerned with any of them right now: all I care about is the game itself.

This isn’t necessarily even a matter of picking the hotter team, because they both got to the Super Bowl, so one would imagine both are hot. No, again, I have to go with my gut and the team that I think is better and more complete. If I’m wrong, so be it.

Super Bowl XLVII Pick: San Francisco 49ers

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