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A-Roid, Part Deux: Rodriguez, Others in New PED Scandal

January 29, 2013 4 Comments »

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When the first thing someone does is lawyer up, that’s not necessarily a good sign.

Alex Rodriguez, the falling star who has been at third base for the New York Yankees since 2004, has been implicated once more in a steroid scandal, but if what has been alleged is true, he had company.

The Miami New Times is reporting that Rodriguez, including other prominent players such as Melky Cabrera of the Giants, Gio Gonzalez of the Nationals, and Nelson Cruz of the Rangers, all have ties to an erstwhile clinic called Biogenesis of America. What was wrong with this institution, you say? Why, they sold performance-enhancing drugs, of course. According to the New Times, its self-description as an “anti-aging clinic” was a cover for its true operation as a PED dispenser.

The report from the New Times was thorough, though one can never admit such articles as hard evidence. Still, would anyone be surprised if A-Rod was linked to steroids as recently as last season? He’s already been busted once, so it is at least plausible that he may have gone back to the juice, especially with his injuries and age-induced, rapidly-declining production.

As far as his contract situation goes, Rodriguez’s involvement, if proven true, it will still be difficult for the Yankees to void his contract. The MLBPA will fight tooth and nail for him to get every dirty buck and the language in the contract will be parsed by lawyers from here until the end of civilization. The fact is that it’s very unlikely that they’ll be able to go that route. With that said, if the Yanks want to get rid of him, they’re going to need proof.

Whether or not the reports are true, at this point, it would be a mercy for the Yankees if they could escape his gargantuan contract and never have to trot him out on the field again. Most recently, he (and everyone else on the team) was dreadful in the postseason and Rodriguez actually got benched by Joe Girardi in the ALCS. He is more of a headache than he’s worth.

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