Where In The World Is NHL Network?

January 8, 2013 1 Comment »

NHL Network?

For those who are interested in the NHL, haven’t you found the NHL Network’s coverage of the end of the lockout somewhat…lacking?

As a matter of fact, haven’t you found all of their recent coverage lacking?

For the balance of the lockout, which lasted almost four months, NHL Network has been on autopilot. Virtually everything they’ve shown, save for the World Juniors (when the games were live, that is), has been a recorded program. Oh, and on those same World Juniors, the channel has made a habit of replaying those games over and over again, as if we didn’t see them the first four times.

During the NFL Lockout in 2011, the NFL Network continued to cover the situation daily and when a deal was reached, they had live coverage of the press conferences. They had panel discussions. They dove right into talking about the new season. As for NHL Network? Repeats of old games. Even today, a week to ten days before the season officially opens and it’s still all repeats. There has been no discussion of the lockout whatsoever, and when it ended, there was no coverage. The season is days away and the network is still asleep. That’s one of the first places hockey fans would have thought to go for news and analysis and they gave you nothing.

The National Hockey League’s television channel isn’t even covering major, current National Hockey League events. I would say that’s fairly pathetic, but so was the lockout. A channel like NFL Network is what league television stations should aspire to be. MLB Network also does a very good job, even covering Hall of Fame announcements (like tomorrow) and all other matters with live programming throughout the year. To me, compared to those channels, it seems like NHL Network doesn’t care, and I’ll remember that the next time I want hockey news.

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