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BCS Bowl Game Picks: 2013 Fiesta Bowl

January 2, 2013 8 Comments »

2013 Fiesta Bowl Oregon-K-State

19-10 heading into tonight’s Sugar Bowl, but after I’ve hopefully gotten my 20th bowl pick right, the BCS continues with the last major game before the biggie. This one is the 2013 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl between the Pac-12 at-large Oregon Ducks and the Big 12 champion Kansas State Wildcats.

Oregon Ducks vs. Kansas State Wildcats | Thursday, Jan 3., 8:30pm ET | ORE -8.5 | ESPN

My picks have tended to be better this season with a minimal explanatory effort. The more I offer a viewpoint and try to “preview” the game, the more I begin to second-guess my original inclinations.

That won’t be a problem here because this will be brief. Both of these defenses have ended their regular seasons with very similar results, even if they took different routes of getting there. The problem for K-State will be that while their own offense is explosive, Oregon has been the definition of explosive this year.

Tremendous game coming up, but this slugfest will go to the better offense.

2012 Fiesta Bowl Pick: Oregon

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