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Stop With the “Seahawks Ran Up the Score” Crap

December 10, 2012 13 Comments »

Cardinals Seahawks 12.9.12

This just in: the Arizona Cardinals are a very bad football team.

If that’s breaking news to you, though, then you probably haven’t watched much of the NFL lately.

Yesterday was just the latest disaster for Arizona, now losers of nine-straight games after starting the year 4-0. The Sunday catastrophe was their worst yet: a 58-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s obvious why the Cardinals are having their struggles: the offense (though when you give up 58 points, the defense is a problem as well, but it has had much better days this season than the offense). Arizona has no quarterback, period. Kevin Kolb is somewhere in between here and the abyss, John Skelton is awful, and Ryan Lindley has not shown any redeeming qualities whatsoever. The general manager of the Cardinals may want to invest in a few replacements in the offseason because they’re going nowhere with this crowd; a random fan out of the stands could do what these guys are doing.

Nevertheless, more than once since Sunday, there have been stories about the Seahawks “running up the score.” I reject the context of this statement, which is that what Seattle did was unsportsmanlike and unfair. There’s nothing unfair about scoring points. The Cardinals, like the Seahawks, are supposed to be professional football players. How is it Seattle’s fault that Arizona (quite frankly) quit? If you don’t want to lose a game by 58 points, then don’t roll over and play dead for however long.

For those even thinking that the Seahawks ran up the score unfairly, what would you have Seattle do? Take a knee on every down in the fourth quarter? Punt on third down to give them more of a sporting chance? How about this: Arizona should have gotten some stops and should have had better quarterbacks. If you need to blame anyone for that football abortion yesterday, blame the Cardinals, not the Seahawks. Seattle was trying to win a football game, and Arizona evidently wasn’t.

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