It’s Too Damn Early for Bracketology

December 5, 2012 15 Comments »

PUP College Basketball

This is a brief, statement of principle article. Lots of the other college basketball sites are already starting to dip into “bracketology” — that is to say, filling out the field of 68. That’s like doing an NFL playoff picture article after Week 4 of the season. Some of the big sites like ESPN do it because, well, they’re paying someone to do it year-round, but I don’t see any blogging fun bucks dropping into my bank account (at least, not enough).

The point is, this blogger is too busy to plug in 68 teams when conference play hasn’t even started and teams have played less than one-quarter of their schedule. Rankings are a little different, but even on those, I waited until teams had played a few games first.

Bottom line: it’s too early. I’ll go hard when it’s time, but for right now, cool it.

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