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NFC Playoff Picture: Week 13

November 27, 2012 3,053 Comments »

NFL Playoff Picture PUP

There are, in fact, NFC playoff clinching scenarios in Week 13 for several teams that are at the top. With December coming fast and only five teams to go, the best teams in the NFL will begin sealing up their trips to the postseason soon. How does the NFC stack up this time, and how can teams clinch? View the Week 13 NFC playoff picture and clinching scenarios after the jump.

NFC Playoff Picture Week 13

Had Tampa Bay held their late lead, they would be the #6 seed instead of Seattle, but the Seahawks hold the tiebreaker over both them and the Vikings, putting them in the playoffs for now, even though they lost to Miami.

One can also see why New Orleans was badly hurt by their loss to the 49ers, as they could have been in the thick of things but are now behind four other teams in the wild card pecking order when tiebreakers are taken into account.

The Rams being 4-6-1 instead of 4-7 has them in the hunt, but I doubt anyone considers them a legitimate contender at this time.

Week 13 NFC Clinching Scenarios

Atlanta Falcons banner

The Falcons can clinch the NFC South with one of the following outcomes:

(1) A win & Tampa Bay loss or tie
(2) A tie & Tampa Bay loss

The Falcons can clinch an NFC playoff berth with one of the following outcomes:

(1) A win & Seattle loss or tie
(2) A tie & Minnesota loss & Seattle loss

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