AFC Playoff Picture, Week 12

November 20, 2012 2,918 Comments »

NFL Playoff Picture PUP

Not one seed changed in the AFC from last week to this one, but things definitely became more uncomfortable for the wild card teams. See where we stand now after the jump.

AFC Playoff Picture Week 12

In Week 12, the rich (division leaders) got richer and the poor (wild card teams) got poorer. All seeds have remained the same since Week 11, but there are two things to notice: both wild card teams lost on Sunday and a few more teams are “in the hunt.” Cincinnati has pulled out front in that category with consecutive wins, and are alive and kicking at 5-5.

There are five teams at 4-6, now including the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. Miami is falling fast out the picture and would now have many teams to jump. Tennessee and San Diego are still in the mix, though these squads have problems of their own (as do the rest of the 4-6 teams).

There are no AFC clinching scenarios for Week 12.

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