NFC Playoff Picture: Week 11

November 13, 2012 No Comments »

As promised, the NFC Playoff Picture for this week. Go beyond the jump to see it:

NFC Playoff Picture 11.13.12 Week 11

The Falcons are still the top seed in the league following their loss, because Chicago also lost. In fact, none of the four division leaders won on Sunday, with San Francisco coming the closest (tie).

Unlike the AFC, there are teams with winning records on the outside looking in right now. They are Minnesota (6-4) and Tampa Bay (5-4). You’ve also got a host of 4-5 teams sitting there with a shot. As of now, one would have to think it’s probably going to take about 10 wins to make the playoffs in the NFC, and you could have a couple “good” teams left out.

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