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AFC Playoff Picture: Week 11

November 13, 2012 2,689 Comments »

You can’t have the NFC playoff picture without the AFC playoff picture. Go after the jump for more.

AFC Playoff Picture 11.13.12 Week 11

The NFC has a lot more competition for the playoff berths; the AFC features more space. With Indianapolis and Pittsburgh both winning during Week 11, the lowest-seeded playoff teams right now are at 6-3, but the next-closest contenders are 4-5. Nobody in this conference that’s on the correct side of the playoff picture is in immediate danger or a particularly tenuous situation, but nothing has been decided yet.

Houston and Baltimore look almost certain to make the playoffs, while the others are merely in good shape. It’s going to take some effort for teams like San Diego and Cincinnati to make it.

If these playoff matchups held it would be quite interesting indeed, because Peyton Manning would face the Colts in the first round.

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