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“Basketball on Boats” Sinks

November 10, 2012 54 Comments »

PUP College Basketball

Last year, it was a novel idea to say “hey, why don’t we have a college basketball game on an aircraft carrier?” It resulted in an interesting spectacle between Michigan State and North Carolina. This year, it was a disaster.

The game between Syracuse and San Diego State was postponed early because of weather, Marquette and Ohio State was cancelled at game time because there was too much condensation on the court, and Florida and Georgetown only got in one half before officials called off the game, again due to a wet court.

It’s a nice thought, and it adds a level of intrigue to some interesting college basketball matchups, but perhaps it’s time to rethink the boat-sketball thing. There were three games scheduled to be played on the decks of naval vessels yesterday, and approximately twenty minutes of basketball was played amongst the three. That Marquette-Ohio State contest, which probably would have been a good game, will not be rescheduled due to time constraints. Florida-Georgetown’s first half was voided and that probably won’t be made up, either. Perhaps the Orange-Aztecs game on Sunday will happen, but I don’t like the trend.

These games are intended as a tribute to the veterans, but basketball games are no good if they’re not played. What happened at Ramstein AFB yesterday in Germany was an example of a much more logistically sound salute: a game played indoors. Perhaps in the future, these games can still be played at military installations, just not outside and on the water. The only fog there will be coming from those machines schools use when the team takes the court.

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