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College Football Pick Six: 2012 Week 11

November 7, 2012 155 Comments »

College Football Pick Six PUP

So far, so good in these here picks against the spread. I’m better at picking these than predicting who will win Senate races, apparently, so I’ll stick with the sports.

As always, the disclaimers: this is not intended as gambling advice and PUP assumes no responsibility for any actions you take with the below opinions. All times are Eastern and spreads are as of Wednesday afternoon.

Last week: 5-1
Overall: 37-23

Louisville at Syracuse Football 2012

Pick One: Louisville at Syracuse | Louisville -2.5 | Saturday, 12pm | ABC

Louisville has more offense than Syracuse does defense, and Louisville has more defense than Syracuse does offense. Thing is, the Orange are okay at home this year, but a 2.5-point spread is not asking a lot of a Top 10 team. Louisville -2.5

Oregon State at Stanford Football 2012

Pick Two: Oregon State at Stanford | Stanford -5 | Saturday, 3pm | Fox

The Cardinal would appear to have the slightly superior offense and defense, and they’ve got the benefit of a home crowd. These are two of the top five run defenses in the country facing off, but Stanford’s got enough on both sides of the football to pull through. Stanford -5

Texas A&M at Alabama Football 2012

Pick Three: Texas A&M at Alabama | Alabama -13.5 | Saturday, 3:30pm | CBS

Alabama did not cover last week, but to be fair, they were playing at Death Valley, which is tough for just about anyone. This week, they face another good team in Texas A&M, but they’re in the comforts of Tuscaloosa. The Aggies have the high-flying offense, but Alabama has the smothering defense. I tend to go with that in what I suspect will be about a two-touchdown win. Alabama -13.5

Baylor at Oklahoma Football 2012

Pick Four: Baylor at Oklahoma | Oklahoma -21 | Saturday, 3:30pm | FSN

Baylor has no defense, and they will play out the rest of the season against four very talented offenses. 21 points is a lot to lay but there’s no reason the Sooners can’t win this game, say, 54-24 (that’s not an official guess, by the way). Oklahoma -21

Penn State at Nebraska Football 2012

Pick Five: Penn State at Nebraska | Nebraska -7 | Saturday, 3:30pm | ABC

Last time these two teams met, it was in Pennsylvania immediately after the Jerry Sandusky story broke and Joe Paterno’s firing. What a year it has been for the Nittany Lions since then. Now, the game is in Lincoln, where the Huskers have yet to lose this season. This is a much better PSU team than expected and Bill O’Brien is going an incredible job under the circumstances, but Nebraska ought to hold at home. Nebraska -7

Notre Dame at Boston College Football 2012

Pick Six: Notre Dame at Boston College | Notre Dame -19 | Saturday, 8pm | ABC

Ah, the ol’ conflict of interest pick. I am a Boston College alum and I have blogged about BC sports for close to four years. I have already written about this game extensively this week. With that said, I try not to pick BC games here, but it’s a rivalry, and the other ACC games suck, so let’s do it. The Eagles are terrible — I should know, I’ve watched every game. Notre Dame has had a lot of luck but they’re very, very good. The Irish could obliterate BC if they want to and we damn well know it, but they’ve had some close calls and BC now has nothing to lose and a home crowd behind them. I do not in my heart expect BC to win, but I think the final spread will be inside that 19. Boston College +19

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