MLB Power Rankings, August 20, 2012

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MLB Power Rankings, August 20, 2012

Another exciting installment on MLB Power Rankings.  For almost every team, the regular season is down to about 40 games.  Only approximately one-quarter of the season remains, and if teams are going to start making moves, it’ll have to happen soon.  It’s too late for a handful of them already, but as we head closer to September, the window will close shut for good.

MLB Power Rankings

The Top Ten

1. Washington Nationals
75-46 | Last week: 1

Another week atop the MLB Power Rankings for the Nationals, owners of a five-game lead in the NL East. Regardless of Stephen Strasburg getting shut down soon, this finally looks like their year to punch through and make the postseason. As of this moment, they’d do it as the #1 seed in the National League.

2. Cincinnati Reds
74-48 | Last week: 2

A Washington-Cincinnati playoff series would be something else. The Reds have been playing just as well as the Nats.

3. New York Yankees
72-49 | Last week: 5

The Yanks have recovered from their previous stretch of bad play, taking three of four from Texas and winning a series against Boston. For now, the Rangers series settled the question of the best team in the AL.

4. Atlanta Braves
70-51 | Last week: 4

The Braves aren’t as hot as they were, but they’re still tracking towards the postseason — though after last season, let’s not count our proverbial chickens before they hatch.

5. Texas Rangers
70-50 | Last week: 3

The Yankees cut Texas down to size last week; thankfully for them, a series in Toronto was next on the schedule.

6. Tampa Bay Rays
67-54 | Last week: 9

“Where did Tampa Bay come from?” – Everyone, last September and this past week or two

7. Los Angeles Dodgers
67-55 | Last week: 11

Despite some issues they’ve been having in staying consistent, the Dodgers remain in first place, but it’s a very tenuous hold. They play their rival Giants this week.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates
67-54 | Last week: 6

After 19 innings of baseball yesterday, we’ll see what the Buccos have in the tank in San Diego.

9. Baltimore Orioles
66-55 | Last week: 10

We keep wondering when the Oriole collapse is coming, but I’m starting to think it’s not. Buck Showalter has this team overachieving quite a bit.

10. San Francisco Giants
66-55 | Last week: 8

San Francisco is experiencing a Melk shortage; they can still make the playoffs without him, but their job got that much harder.

The Mediocre Middle

11. Chicago White Sox
65-55 | Last week: 7

Just swept by the Royals. That’ll knock you down a peg in the MLB Power Rankings.

12. Oakland Athletics
65-55 | Last week: 14

The A’s are warming up again for one last push, winning their last four in a row.

13. St. Louis Cardinals
65-56 | Last week: 12

Pretty tough to lose a 19-inning game at home, but against a wild card rival in mid-August is harmful.

14. Arizona Diamondbacks
62-59 | Last week: 16

At just 4.5 games out of first place and on a four-game win streak — and with a series against Miami coming up — the D-Backs have an opening here. Their schedule doesn’t get hard again until next week.

15. Detroit Tigers
64-57 | Last week: 13

The Tigers have really slowed down as of late, going 4-7 in their last 11 games.

16. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
62-60 | Last week: 15

The Halos were just swept in four games by Tampa Bay at home, and it’s looking awfully bleak for them now. Since the trade, Zack Greinke is 1-2 with a 6.19 ERA.

17. Seattle Mariners
58-64 | Last week: 22

Here’s a big MLB Power Rankings jump by one of the streakiest teams in the league. Seattle is the kind of team that can win ten in a row and then lose ten in a row; right now, they’ve won five.

18. Boston Red Sox
59-63 | Last week: 17

The 2012 Red Sox have more drama than the Jersey Shore cast after a slight misunderstanding.

19. Philadelphia Phillies
56-65 | Last week: 20

Philadelphia is 19-15 in the second half, even after having sold at the trade deadline, but it’s clearly too late to make a difference.

20. New York Mets
57-64 | Last week: 18

The Metropolitans have lost five-straight series and are a sparkling 11-24 in the second half. They’re still not even the worst team in their own division.


21. Toronto Blue Jays
56-65 | Last week: 19

Ravaged by injuries, the Blue Jays have settled in towards the bottom of the league.

22. Kansas City Royals
54-66 | Last week: 26

The Royals managed a feel-good sweep of the White Sox to put them into third place, but it doesn’t make much of a difference now.

23. Miami Marlins
55-67 | Last week: 25

Fish out of water.

24. Milwaukee Brewers
54-66 | Last week: 21

Getting swept by Colorado pretty much tells you what kind of team you have here.

25. Cleveland Indians
54-67 | Last week: 23

The bottom has fallen out in Cleveland, with the Tribe losing 26 of 36 since the break.

26. San Diego Padres
53-70 | Last week: 24

Hey, did you hear Vincent Brown is out? Sorry, that’s the Chargers.

27. Minnesota Twins
50-70 | Last week: 27

That’s some bad pitching up there. Not as bad as Colorado, but not good.

28. Chicago Cubs
47-73 | Last week: 28

Runs? We don’t need no stinkin’ runs!

29. Colorado Rockies
46-73 | Last week: 29

Now on track to allow 927 runs.

30. Houston Astros
39-83 | Last week: 30

Once more, Houston sits in the leaky sub-basement of the MLB Power Rankings. They fired their manager and are 7-40 in their last 47 games. What do you even say to a record that bad?

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